Monica Mallini, PE

I’m Monica….

In my undergraduate journey to become an engineer, the road was not smooth or straight.  In a good semester, I was mostly a B student, but there were plenty of “not good” semesters.  My first teaching experience—at Virginia Tech—was surprisingly a natural fit for my background and skills.  When I told students, “I made a C in this course, and I know every way there is to go wrong with this material,” we made a connection, and my teaching career was born.  Although I earned my P.E. license by working in industry, my engineering practice now consists of educating new engineers, and the process for doing that is undergoing a rapid evolution.  It is an exciting time to be an engineering educator.  I am proud to be Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at Montgomery College.  My mission is to guide every new engineer (even “A” students) toward becoming engineers in the “B student” tradition.  B students rock, for indeed they make the best engineers!

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